2011 Small Ruminant Dairy Workshop

A workshop for active and prospective producers held on February 26, 2011; organized by John Thompson, Fluvanna County Cooperative Extension 

Featured speakers

  • John Thompson: Virginia Cooperative Extension, Fluvanna
He has been in Extension since 1999, and with VCE since 2005. He holds a B.S. in Animal Science, and a M.S. in Vocational and Technical Education from  Virginia Tech. John has also served as the 4H Youth Development Agent in Fluvanna from 2005 to 2007 before transitioning to the Agriculture Agent role.

Email: jthomp75@vt.edu
Office: 434-591-1950
Download the presentation: 

  • Donna Bonner: Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Donna has worked for VDACS's Office of Dairy and Foods in Dairy Services for more than 32 years. She worked as a Dairy Inspector for 12 years, served as the Dairy Training Specialist for 3 years, and has served as a Regional Manager for 17 years. She holds a BS in Dairy Science and in Animal Science (double major), and an MBA from the University of Richmond with strength in Marketing.

Office (Dairy Services): 804-786-1452
Download the presentation:


  • Dairy goats: Sarah Vogeley of New Forest Farm and Heidi Passino of Dragon Hill Farm 
     Download the presentation: DairyGoats.pdf (3.8 Mb)

     Email: secondwind@gmail.com                                         
     Download the presentation: DairySheep.pdf (500 Kb)
     Additional resources: 
     ATTRA_dairysheep.pdf (700 Kb)
     PrinciplesSheepDairying.pdf (11.4 Mb)

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